CurvedLines v1.x.x


CurvedLines is a plugin for flot, which displays lines in a smooth curved way. This is achieved by adding additional points in between the "real" data points.

!New API v1.x.x!

With the new version 1.x.y the original curve computation ('s code) has been replaced by a new algorithm which computes hermite splines. In general the result should be closer to the data however the old implementation is still accessible through the legacyOverride option.

The approximation with local third-degree polynoms solves some existing issues. The problematic parameters curvePointFactor and fitPointDist are not longer needed and I hope that the new nrSplinePoints parameter needs less manual adjustment (basically only if you use zooming or large segments) and is easier to understand.

The old fit option has been replaced with monotonicFit, which if set, enforces the use of the Fritsch-Carlson method (anti wiggle no overshooting / undershooting).

by Michael Zinsmaier
code partial from (monemihir (fill option), soewono effendi (multi axis), Thomas-git (rewrite for version 0.5))